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There is no better way to complement a long hike, a day of ATVing or a getaway than a relaxing massage. Our Registered Massage Therapists are professionally trained to relieve stress and tension. Registered Massage treatments improve circulation, and reduce pain, inflammation and muscle tension. All massage treatments are performed by a Registered Massage Therapist. Receipt for Insurance will be issued at the end of the Massage. Stoco Lake Lodge Offers…..  

Swedish Massage 


A muscular massage comprising varied maneuvers, designed to ease the tension that is caused by stress and daily activities. This type of massage provides an overall feeling of relaxation and well-being as well as stimulating blood circulation and restoring flexibility to the body. 

45 min, 60 min 75 min, and 90 min

Therapeutic Massage 


This type of massage will focus on specific areas of tension or muscle pain. The Massage Therapist will use light to firm pressure to activate relaxation and muscle relief. This may not be a full-body massage depending on the discussion with your Massage Therapist during your health history review. 

45 min, 60 min 75 min, and 90 min 

Pregnancy Massage 

RELAX | PAMPER | SOOTHING SUPPORT A massage ideally suited to the conditions of pregnant individuals. We recommend consulting your doctor before reserving a 60 to 90-minute treatment. A thorough review of your health history form with your Registered Massage Therapist before your massage is required. 

 45 min, 60 min 

 Rates 45 Min - $90 60 min - $105 75 min - $130  90 min - $145 plus HST 

 Bookings are available Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 
For more information please contact Stocolakemassage@gmail.com

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